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Glad to see you visiting my site! As the tagline above says, this site is mainly about insights I gain during my journey, from a lot of amazing people I interact with everyday, both in my job and outside.

For some background, my name is Christian Wirawan, and professionally, I specialize in business development, especially presales and marketing, focusing on delivering outcomes and business growth.

My journey started in Canisius College (Jakarta), where I took up the school’s values until now, which are conscience, compassion, and competence. The competence part of the values demands us to grow and learn more everyday. In the self development part of this site, I’d like to share with you what I learned along my journey, and I hope it can benefit you.

Being in a Jesuit all-boys school, the brotherhood and the camaraderie was integral in building the foundation of who I am as a person. And even after graduating, the brotherhood can be felt through the alumni association that I dare say is the strongest out of any school in Indonesia.

After I graduated from Canisius College, the next moment that changed my life was being a finalist of the GIST Tech-I competition in 2012. This competition is one element of the GIST Initiative, funded by the U.S. Department of State. GIST builds entrepreneurial ecosystems across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia by identifying, coaching, and funding the most promising entrepreneurs through competitions, start-up acceleration services, online social media platform and interactive mentorship programs.

This competition elevated my skills in presentation, business planning, and communication to the next level. It was nerve wrecking as a 20 year old to present to a panel of judges that comprised of investors, US government officials, and the public in a language that is not my mother tongue.

Ever since then, I was a huge fan of great presentations. Returning back to university made me realize how mediocre most of us are in making presentations and in delivering them. Universities also focuses too much on the technical skills, but is often lacking in improving students’ communication and presentation skills.

Lastly, I really like watches. In 2014, I was looking up watches, and I stumbled upon Hodinkee.com. Their writing and their passion in watches inspired me, and through reading them, I became more and more interested in watches. I consider myself not as a watch expert, but just an enthusiast and love to learn more about it.

Thank you for reading this far! I know there are still a lot of improvement points in my writing, feel free to note your feedback and comments to me!

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