Wiki Koffie – A Vintage Oasis

Skip this paragraph if you want to read directly about Wiki Koffie, this paragraph is gonna be back story. Today I had the chance to spend a day in Bandung! Through my whole life, this is the first time I actually have gotten the time to pick what I wanted to do and travel by myself in Bandung, and I have to say it’s liberating. Originally I intended to go to Jalan Sriwijaya (Thank you Monocle for the recommendation) for the dress shoes, but apparently, they close on Sundays. So because they’re closed, I picked to go to Braga Street, after looking around TripAdvisor. Being dropped by Uber near the start of Braga Street, I feel it’s just like Jakarta with all the traffic and motorcycle, I can just feel the smoke on my face.

So at the end of Braga street, there’s that quaint coffee shop in the intersection. From afar, I didn’t think the place was a coffee shop! But getting closer, I saw all the nice vintage furnitures inside and I decided to come in. To say the least, the place is messy. It’s so messy, I feel there’s so much to see and it becomes interesting. The only unifying theme of the cafe is the vintage feel.

First thing I saw to the right of the entrance is a shelf full of knick knacks on top of it with messages and wisdoms about coffee framed neatly above it. “A cup of love” indeed my friend. Gives a nice feel to the decor!

Going inside, I decided to sit close to the window, with my back to the road so I can see the cafe and what kind of people come here. The first people I noticed was 2 girls sitting side by side with a laptop open watching a movie. Definitely the kind of relaxing vibe where you can stay for a long time.


Opened in 2012, Wiki is going to be 6 years old this year! The staff shared that the place is preserved from a long time ago. Before a coffee shop, the place is a fashion boutique. I can imagine why a place like that isn’t a good fit for fashion, but a great fit for coffee and hangout. Wiki’s building is so old, that I can’t see any air conditioner installation. They rely on overhead fan to keep people cool. It works because this is Bandung. If it’s Jakarta, it’s gonna feel like I’m taking a bath due to sweat coming out.

Although they have coffee from many regions, they primarily source from Sumatra coffee, with just 2 variants coming from Java island. At this chance, I tried their Turkish Coffee. Served with bread, the taste is quite acidic, not really bitter. I can drink it easily without any sugar. With a price tag of less than 20,000 IDR (~2 SGD), I’d say it’s a bargain.

At the time, I was starving, so I ordered their “Kue Telor” (Egg cake), it’s similar to Hong Kong style egg waffle with multiple filling choices. It’s filling, tasty, fluffy, and not that expensive. The price is similar to what you’d find in Jakarta, about 17,000 IDR (~1.7 SGD). Too bad that it went to my stomach faster than my brain registering “I should take a quick photo of that”!

In conclusion, whenever you’re in Bandung and looking for a spot to just chill, I’d highly recommend this spot! Great value for money, tasty food and coffee, relaxing ambience. The only con is that there’s no aircon, so if the weather is hot, I’d probably skip this spot.

Deer, signing out!

Name Wiki Koffie
Address Jl Braga No 90, Bandung, Indonesia
Phone WhatsApp – 0878-090-90970
Office – 022-426-90970
Reservation? Yes! Only Mon-Fri though.
Social Media Instagram Twitter




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