2018 New Year Resolution Achievement

The hardest part of New Year Resolutions is actually reviewing them and seeing how I fared. You can find my 2018 New Year Resolutions here.

2018 New Year Resolution Achievement

For the first one, 2018 is the year where I’m more honest with myself and I opened up to more people than the past 10 years combined. In addition, I became more vocal about causes that I care about, and I stopped caring too much about what other people thinks.

The second one is easy to review due to the quantitative nature, in 2018 I read:

  • 6 CFA Level 3 books – Slightly cheating, but these still counted as books!
  • 12 Monocle magazines
  • 6 HBR magazines
  • Dear Founder
  • The Happiness Project
  • Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking
  • Truth: How the Many Sides to Every Story Shape Our Reality
  • Human + Machine: Reimagining Work in the Age of AI
  • The Corruption of Capitalism
  • Nonviolent Communication

From my reading last year, unfortunately there’s none that resonated with me as much as Carol Dweck’s Mindset and Clayton Christensen’s Competing Against Luck. But as election is coming for Indonesia in 2019 and for the US in 2020, I feel that Truth by Hector Macdonald is a worthy read.

I totally bombed the 3rd one. I was doing fine until the middle of the year, but I flaked from July onwards. This is a good lesson regarding continuity and I hope to be more consistent this year.

The fourth one I think I’m doing just fine. And for the last one, I became a CFA charterholder in September 2018 and I took the GMAT test, so I followed through on the goals I had! Additionally, I also studied Python for Finance: Investment Fundamentals & Data Analytics and Python for Financial Analysis and Algorithmic Trading from Udemy.

Overall, although there are room for improvement, I’m happy with what I achieved. 2018 has been a precious year of personal growth where I refocused and learned more about myself. I have great hopes for 2019 and I will share a more concrete set of goals soon.



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